Are you thinking of setting up your own business? Have you recently set up and need some advice? See what we offer to help start up businesses just like yours…

One type of business we help is the start up…

You have decided to set up in business.  You are confident that you can make a success of trading, however you are unsure as to the requirements regarding finances and administration. You discover E-counting – the simple alternative, that takes the stress away from you.  You google us, check out our website and get your hassle-free quote – by answering just 7 quick questions. Your quote comes back, and you are surprised by the affordable fixed fee. You decide to call us on 0333 101 0026 or email us here to arrange your no obligation free consultation.  You book it for a day and time that suit you from Monday to Saturday.

One of our experienced team will speak with you to establish your business’ circumstances and requirements.  We will explain in detail services we offer and how we can adapt these services to suit your needs.

Common discussion points in a start up’s initial consultation include:

  • Your business proposal and structure
  • Management and ownership
  • Funding
  • Banking
  • Accounting records
  • Family financial circumstances – tax planning

This list is not inclusive, please feel free to ask anything in the during the consultation and we will do our upmost to assist any queries you have.

With the background of the business and it’s circumstances, we will then discuss tax planning and outline thoughts in a manner that suits and is understood by you.

As required we will talk you through what is needed for the business, including:

  • PAYE
  • VAT
  • Income tax
  • Corporation tax

If you have not already got your free online quote, we will give you this during the consultation.

Finally, we will ask your permission to record some contact details and outline the services he recommends thereof.  We always want our clients to feel positive about our working relationship with them so there is no pressure to sign up – however this can be done in the meeting if you wish.

That’s it for your part!  You can then focus on the running of your business – leaving the running of mundane admin/accounting tasks to us. No more stressing over HMRC deadlines or Companies House restrictions.

See our testimonials here for client’s who have started out with us.